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RevFarm goes digital!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Finally! We have joined the world wide web. Thanks to you and your ongoing support, we have been working with Students from Korrin's Urban Ag course at Wahlert Highschool and Devin Quade and Liv of Omni Marketing Service ( ) to create our non-social media digital presence. This is just one of the continued improvements and expansions we have been working on in the background.

While the site is not quite 100% finished (products in the online store for ordering are not active yet and we need to finish our photo gallery) you can still browse our story, our products, Korrin's educational program and our community partners. If you'd like to place an order, products ARE available, just use the contact form on the site to send us your requests. In the near future as we complete updating our inventory status and availability, we will be taking and processing all orders through this storefront to improve your experience and our efficiency. Please note, while we will receive your orders and communications almost immediately, we both do have full time jobs and hands on chores, tasks, and projects we have to complete throughout the rest of our day.

We do post our activities and spur of the moment updates via social media (Facebook and Instagram) but we fully intend to begin migrating our updates to our E-mail subscribers (first notified) and this online blog followed by social media. This will ensure that our subscribers and restaurant/institution clients receive the most current information and offerings first, followed by the general public.

In closing, thank you so much for your support, your trust, and your purchases. Without you, none of this is possible or possible to continue. We will be updating you regularly on projects and their progress as well as our offerings and student endeavors as we can sit down to write them up or, hopefully our students will be working with us to take on these tasks for experience in customer and client interaction experience. Have a great week! ~Sean

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