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Organic Food Dubuque Iowa

Food Creates Community, Community Creates Food...

We believe in community, and all the benefits it brings to everyone involved. From our very beginnings of working with Convivium Urban Farmstead, our first restaurant client "Brazen Open Kitchen" of Dubuque, our first individual customers, our relationships with other local producers and small farms, our continued partnership with Holy Family Catholic Schools, to our participation in Dubuque's Community Development Block Grant program to bring fresh produce at an affordable price to low/moderate income families and individuals. Community is key!

We want to make sure our local network is strong, vibrant, and resilient, and that means supporting and recognizing the outstanding efforts and offerings of others in our community. Please take a minute to peruse our community partners and help support our local entrepreneurs and their efforts.

Community Partners and Programs

Our community partners are local businesses and programs we work with, network through, participate in, utilize, or sell to. Please help support our local programs and businesses!

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O'Connell Organic Acres

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