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Welcome to Urban Agriculture Enterprises!

The Urban Agriculture Enterprises class is designed to empower students to engage in their local food system in a way that interests them.  

This class has 3 strands


Ag. Research

Business and Marketing


Urban Agriculture enterprises in Dubuque Iowa

Students specialize in the strand that best fits their interest, while still learning about their local food system, and engage in meaningful progress toward building a Holy Family CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) student run business.  

This experience strengthens their understanding of the
food system, connect their interests to Ag careers, as well as, connecting them directly with farmers/food entrepreneurs in the community.  


They also build their interpersonal and communication skills by working with others, communicating with clients/peers, along with presenting the outcome of their semester work to local stakeholders.



  1. Personal Development: Develop and assess personal goals, tracking progress towards fulfilling them.

  2. Collaboration and Innovation: Communicate and collaborate effectively with others, embracing diverse perspectives and fostering cross-cultural understanding to enhance innovation and work quality.

  3. Adaptability and Flexibility: Thrive in dynamic environments by adapting to various roles and responsibilities while remaining agile amidst ambiguity and changing priorities.

  4. Leadership and Social Responsibility: Display/develop leadership skills, integrity, ethical behavior, and social responsibility while collaborating towards common goals.

  5. Initiative and Lifelong Learning: Exhibit initiative and self-direction by achieving high standards and pursuing lifelong learning opportunities. Explore how individual talents and skills can lead to productive outcomes in both personal and professional life.

  6. Productivity and Accountability: Demonstrate productivity and accountability by consistently meeting high expectations.

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