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  • Where are you located? Can I visit?
    We have two locations, our outdoor seasonal soil crop, student garden, and barnyard is located at 2884 Davenport St. in Dubuque (old Holy Spirit Parish athletic field, "Weirich Field"). Our new addition at 2418 Central Ave. (old Pickle Barrel shop) was renovated and houses our year round hydroponic production to include microgreens, herbs, and baby greens, and leaf lettuce. we also operate our Iowa State certified processing and freeze drying kitchen out of this location and is the pick-up site for pre-packed orders throughout the week. Currently, we allow visitation by appointment only due to the demands of our daily schedules and bio security.
  • What are your hours?
    We don't have an active storefront. We tend to bounce between production/pick-up locations, making deliveries to restaurants, stores and places of employment, our home, and our full time employment (for now). We do schedule visitations and pick-ups for orders placed throughout the week and soon student ran CSA drop sites. As long as we have our phones on us, we are generally available by calls, e-mails, website inquires, and Facebook/Instagram messages as we are notified. for inquiries, we are generally available from 8am-8pm.
  • Are you organic?
    We eat what we grow, and we care about what we eat. Our concept was founded upon having direct control in how our food was produced and what was used to grow it and that it was available locally. Organic certification is a very arduous process. We use organic and regenerative practices to ensure what we eat, is what you eat. We do not use any non-organic herbicides or pesticides on our crops.
  • what types of produce do you grow?
    We offer multiple different products to include Microgreens, baby salad greens, leafing greens, rooting and fruiting crops depending on season or type and location. We also sell our farm fresh chicken and duck eggs. All products can be found in our E-store and ordered directly for pickup or delivery for commercial accounts and group orders to places of employment. Our freeze dried products are in development and will be available soon. Updates and availability are posted to our Facebook page and our website.
Image by Hana Oliver
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