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Ordering and Product Information

Growing Processes



Our microgreens, leafing greens (lettuce, spinach, kale) and herbs (basil, thai basil) are grown at our indoor grow space hydroponically.  The microgreens are grown with water ONLY, and seeded on certified organic soil.  Our leafing greens and herbs are grown in rockwool cubes, and a basic nutrient solution is added to provide the needed macro (N, P, K) and micronutrients (Mg, Ca).  


Soil Grown Produce

All of our soil grown crops (tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, summer squash, etc…) are grown on the former Weirich Field.  Though we are not certified organic, we do our utmost to care for the soil and surrounding habitat (we eat what we grow and care just as much as you do about what we put in our bodies).  We have eliminated tillage (using a broadfork to loosen soil), use crop rotation to improve the nutrient health of our soil and manage pests, add supplemental nutrients through composted chicken and horse manure.  We also manage pests through hand removal, use of diatomaceous earth, Neem Oil, and certified organic approved treatment methods when needed.  

Product Offerings

Ordering and Purchasing

Our website has an online store section that allows you to view what products are currently available and place your order online and schedule a pick up.  

If you are looking for specialty products, custom grown products &/or looking to become a regular restaurant client, please contact us directly at

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New Products and

Custom Growing

We are always game to try new varieties or produce types, so if you struggle to find something locally that you would like to see available, please reach out to us to discuss custom growing for you!  That includes microgreens, leafing greens or vining/fruiting crops.  We can try varieties hydroponically &/or in our soil beds depending on the time of year/crop type.

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