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Spicy Radish Mix Microgreens
  • Variety: Raphanus sativus

    Flavor Profile: Exhibits a crisp texture and a pleasantly spicy, radish-like taste.

    Nutritional Highlights: Excellent source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, and antioxidants.

    Usage: Enhances the flavor and adds a pop of color to salads, tacos, stir-fries, and roasted vegetable dishes.

    Spicy Radish Mix Microgreens

    Growth Duration: Ready for harvest within 7-10 days of sowing.
    • Pre-Order Disclaimer:
      We appreciate your interest in our microgreens and offer the option for pre-orders to secure your desired harvest. However, we would like to inform you that pre-orders do not guarantee availability or fulfillment. While we strive to fulfill all pre-orders to the best of our abilities, there are certain factors that may affect our ability to meet every order.

      Commitment to Fulfillment:
      At ReEvolution Farms, we are dedicated to providing high-quality microgreens and exceptional customer service. We will make every effort to fulfill all pre-orders and ensure timely delivery or pickup. Our team works diligently to maintain optimal growing conditions and manage our production capacity efficiently.

      Unforeseen Circumstances:
      Despite our best intentions, there may be occasions where unforeseen circumstances arise, such as unexpected crop failures, weather-related issues, or other factors beyond our control. These circumstances may impact the availability and timely fulfillment of pre-orders.

      Communication and Alternatives:
      Should any issues arise that prevent us from fulfilling your pre-order, we will promptly communicate with you to discuss available alternatives or provide a refund. Our aim is to maintain transparency and keep you informed throughout the process.

      Ordering Options:
      To increase the chances of obtaining our microgreens, we recommend exploring other ordering options, such as purchasing directly from our available inventory or visiting our farm during regular operating hours. These options provide a wider selection and immediate access to our fresh and nutritious microgreens.

      Thank You for Your Understanding:
      We sincerely appreciate your support and understanding regarding the limitations of pre-orders. Your interest in our microgreens encourages us to continue our commitment to sustainable urban agriculture and delivering exceptional products to the community.

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