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Updated: Feb 24

Or not... But we would like to announce we have Co-ventured a new product line for us. It's a slow roll out, testing the water, but the resp

onse has been great. "Well? what is it?"

We would like to announce we are proudly freeze drying Frosted n' Filled Bakery's (Dubuque, IA) absolutely fantastic cheesecake!!!

We are freeze drying assorted flavor cheesecakes cut into 2x2 bars, package of two 1oz bars. We started with a test run of their Salted Caramel cheesecake (to die for!), and offered a beautiful White Chocolate Raspberry for Valentines day, we are now restocking those, adding Cookies N' Cream, and looking ahead offering a match to Frosted n' Filled's St. Patrick's day special offerings, Baileys Irish Cream, and Thin Mint! (Baking orders are placed!) My mouth is watering already! This will be a limited run, restocking weekly as needed, and we are taking pre-orders...!

These are uploaded to the site for preorder right through the site store with in-stock status anticipated for March 1st.

Our cheesecake products are available at Frosted N' Filled Bakery and a variety of our freeze dried products at Wayfarer Coffee in the Millwork District. (More locations in the works!)

You can also stop down to Frosted 'n Filled Bakery 3359 Jackson St., get a fresh cheese cake or their gourmet cupcakes, and a couple packs of freeze dried bars to take with you for an on-the-go treat experience! We even have shipping options! Send some to your friends and family to remind them of all the wonderful goodness they are missing from Frosted n' Filled Bakery! haha! I currently have to get a case of bars out to my Uncle and his Vietnam Veterans group in Arizona! Who would have thought those tough guys would be softies for cheese cake? No one can resist Artisan crafted, cheese cake!

Bars are $5 per pack, and case discounts are available (can mix and match), (wholesale, contact us).

Give your family a special sweet treat, hand crafted from the heart, right here in Dubuque, Iowa. We really look forward to hearing your reviews!

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